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Empty Leg Charter Flights

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Feb 25, 2015 5:44:00 PM

Uncovering the secret to inexpensive luxury jet travel is only a mouse click away. By taking advantage of empty leg charter flights from a private charter airline, you, your friends and your family can reach destinations quickly, in supreme comfort, and at huge savings. 

Empty Leg Charter Flights

When a private jet or charter jet takes a client from Las Vegas to, say, Los Angeles on a one-way trip, returning the jet to Las Vegas with no passengers is very expensive. Operators reduce their expenses for personnel and jet aviation fuel by selling space on the return trip, also known as the empty leg flight or deadhead flight. 

In other cases, the air carrier may have several unconnected hops, such as Las Vegas to San Francisco on one day, then from San Diego to Reno two days later. The luxury private jet needs to relocate from San Francisco to San Diego, but has no passenger. These relocation flights are also empty leg charter flights. 


By being flexible as to dates and times, you or a small group can access empty leg charter flights at savings up to 75 percent less than booking the private plane. Ideal for vacations, family reunions, or business gatherings where you have some latitude on dates, these empty leg charter flights can be put together quickly: 

  • Inform friends and family and split the cost of a luxurious flight to a vacation destination
  • Tap into social media and find others to share the plane

Internet sites and social media can help you find these relocation flights, or, better you can receive details by downloading a Cirrus Aviation whitepaper, “How to Take Advantage of Empty Legs.” 


You will save hours in travel time by using a private jet, compared to the time, expense and hassle of using commercial airports. Additional benefits of these extraordinary deadhead flights:

  • Fly directly to your intended destination with no layovers or risks of lost luggage
  • Fly to destinations not normally available on commercial airlines
  • Avoid major airport hassles such as long lines for security, making connecting flights, or waiting for ground transportation. 

With relocation flights, you usually drive right to your waiting jet aircraft, have your baggage loaded immediately, and board without delay. You can be airborne within minutes of arriving at the departure airport, whether it is Las Vegas or elsewhere all at rates that rival commercial flights.  

Contact Cirrus Aviation at (702)-472-9714 for information on availability for upcoming empty leg charter flights.

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