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A Private Jet Charter Allows for Stress-Free Holiday Travels

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Dec 16, 2016 12:00:00 PM

The holidays are fast approaching, and if you’re planning to visit family or friends in another part of the country - or want to enjoy a luxurious skiing, shopping or sightseeing trip - you’re probably already dreading the flight. Even first class is stress-inducing this time of year, so why not skip the hassle by chartering a private jet in Las Vegas?

Flying by private jet charter over the holidays gives you the following advantages, allowing you to arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to have fun.

The Cirrus Aviation Story: A Las Vegas Private Jet Company Saving Time in Style

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Sep 30, 2016 12:12:21 PM

As the CEO of Cirrus Aviation Services, Greg Woods is fully aware of both the rewards and challenges of operating a successful private charter aircraft business. With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, Cirrus Aviation is the largest private jet charter company in Las Vegas, offering flights out of a private terminal at McCarran International Airport to more than 10,000 destinations worldwide.

Skipping the Security Line and Staying Safe

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Apr 15, 2016 9:32:00 AM

It may be comforting to stand in the security line at an airport, knowing the TSA and billions of dollars in resources are keeping you and your family safe. However, another option with even more safety (and a lot more convenience) is chartering a private jet for your journey.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why a private jet is the best alternative.

You know you should have flown private when…

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Nov 6, 2015 1:30:00 PM


My recent vacation to Jamaica was perfect. As long as you ignore how I chose to get there and return home. I ignored my best instincts and booked a commercial airline instead of a private charter flight.

Never again.

Our journey began at 11:06 p.m. on a Wednesday evening. Our flight (on board an unnamed airline) was due to take off from Las Vegas at 1:15 in the morning. My girlfriend and I thought an overnight flight was a good idea. Maybe even genius! We’d spend all of our travel time sleeping and be fresh and energized when we arrived at our final destination. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out quite as planned.

The Not-So-Friendly Skies

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Jun 29, 2015 12:04:00 PM

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No surprise here. Traveling with major commercial airlines is a huge ordeal for most people.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index, an independent agency that conducts polls of consumers for various industries, reports that commercial airlines score