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Why Intrigue Nightclub Deserves Your Attention

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Apr 28, 2016 9:54:32 AM
Intrigue Nightclub

Photo: Intrigue

A brand new hotspot is opening its doors to clubgoers this week. Let's take a look at why Intrigue could be the best new nightclub to come around in a while in Las Vegas.

It keeps everything that is cool about Tryst

That's right. Intrigue is taking over the spot that was once the home to Tryst, an intimate nightclub at the Wynn that was often overshadowed by its larger and flashier sister venues, XS and Surrender, at the Wynn Encore resort next door. However, the 14,000-square foot venue will keep some of the things that made Tryst great, including an outdoor patio, pond and waterfall.

There's a club within the club

Intrigue will have a separate room, where social media is strongly discouraged. That means guests will be asked to put the phones away, let their hair down and just have fun without worrying about posting the latest selfie to Facebook. The exclusive room will offer some intimacy and privacy to high-profile guests and high rollers while retaining a fun and festive atmosphere.

The entertainment

Intrigue has brought in Mark Shunock, a veteran Strip performer known best for his work in Rock of Ages, to be the nightclub's creative director. He is putting together an eclectic mix of entertainment that features a blend of musical styles and goes far beyond the routine DJ lineups found at other clubs. Intrigue is already booking big names, such as Seal who will be performing live at the venue on May 21.

Intrigue Nightclub

Photo: Jeff Green (The Platinum Donkey)

The club will always be changing

From month-to-month, Intrigue will modify its look and feel, using different color palates. The idea is to be ever-evolving and to offer something new for regular guests every time they come back.

The drinks are amazing

Intrigue is offering something for everyone. If you have a little bit of cash leftover from the casino, order The Platinum Donkey. The $450 twist on a Moscow Mule features vodka distilled from the most exotic and pristine locations in the world. For an alternative to bottle service, order the Up All Night, a cocktail similar to an espresso martini that's served in a crystal fountain for 5-6 people. For a refreshing taste, try The Fashionista, which blends Grey Goose melon, fresh watermelon juice, elderflower tonic and wine for $19.

Book your table for Intrigue today. Cirrus Aviation is ready to set you up in style at the newest nightclub in Vegas. Call (702)-472-9714.

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