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What to Do Once Your Las Vegas Private Jet Lands – A Sin City Vacation for the Elite

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Aug 9, 2016 5:33:16 PM


Taking a Las Vegas private jet to the most prestigious “high roller” city in the world and then failing to indulge in at least some of its high roller adventures would be like pulling up a chair at one of the city's famed steakhouses – and then ordering a chef's salad.

You want to do it right, so top off your journey via the Las Vegas private jet with some of these select attractions – exhilarating activities by day followed by élite rendezvous by night:

Indulge in Daytime Delight

  • A luxury shopping trip at Via Bellagio might remind you of a trip down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, where the mere presence of such exclusive designers as Gucci, Dior and Prada make you stand up straight and walk with better posture. No serious shoppers check price tags at Via Bellagio. (But just for the record: you won't find an article of clothing or an accessory for under $1,000.)


  • The ultimate spa experience at the Mandarin Oriental actually offers several experiences. All you have to do is ask yourself, “Just how much pampering do I need before the Las Vegas nightlife beckons?” You and a partner can enjoy a 3 1/2-hour, five-star treatment for $700 a person or a full wellness package with a private yoga lesson, massage, scrub and more for $1100 each.


Indulge in Nighttime Escapades

  • Bellagio Fountains consist of 4,700 fountains of dancing water and an equal number of lights – both of which you can “direct” with a red button set in a gold-plated control box. That's power, especially when you figure out that the fountains transfix onlookers, who know that every water show is distinctly different – and perhaps that the “master of ceremonies” paid $250,000” to sit in the director's chair.


  • Burger Brasserie makes one of the most talked-about burgers in the world: a fine cut of Kobe beef crowned with Maine lobster, imported Brie and aged balsamic vinegar, served alongside a bottle of Dom Perignon. Truth be told, this decadent French burger also carries a three-number price tag that every slot machine enthusiast shoots for: $777.


For the high rollers of the world Cirrus Aviation Services is on standby as your Las Vegas private jet provider. We operate one of the safest and most luxurious fleets in the world – and also partner with VegasGiant, to provide the finest independent concierge service on the Strip. Anything you want to accomplish during your Las Vegas escapade is possible. Call (702) 472-9714 today!  


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