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5 Cute and Clever Luggage Tags for the Jet Set Crowd

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Feb 25, 2013 3:27:50 PM

Who doesn't love traveling? Getting to see and explore a new location you've always wanted to see is enough to get anyone giddy like a school child on Christmas day. There is only one thing that could bring you down from this traveling cloud-nine and that is having to spend a full hour in baggage claim trying to distinguish which black bag is yours among the sea of black blags (sometimes this happens regardless of whether you are renting a private jet or flying on a commercial flight).

Recently, people have been getting wiser and attaching something to their bags to make it easier to identify, but let's face it, a big red piece of duck tape just doesn't look chic. So the rest of the creative people in the world have begun to take things into their own hands and have created some luggage tags that are not only unique but stylish as well. Take a look at some of the options out there:

1. The Humorous Luggage Tag

luggage tag that makes a point

Source: via Chaarly China wholesale Supplier on Pinterest


2. The Vintage Luggage Tag

vintage luggage tags

Source: via Weranuch on Pinterest

3. The High-Tech Luggage Tag


technologically advanced luggage tag

Source: via TravelTags on Pinterest

This tag is for the tech lovers. Simply scan it with your smart phone and all of the owner's information will populate for you.



4. Luggage Tag for Her

cute luggage tag

Source: via Shelley on Pinterest

5. The Luggage Tag that Doubles as an Airplane Safety Card

unique luggage tag

Source: via Rijuta on Pinterest


Which bag tag is your favorite?

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