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Ten Countries You Should Travel To In 2013

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Jan 20, 2013 12:00:00 AM

Why not kickstart the new year by making travel plans? The earlier you plan your trip, the longer you can look forward to it. And by scheduling out your vacation early, you can get the best reservation for your charter flight services!


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10. Madagascar

Did you know that Madagascar is home to 5 percent of all known animal and plant species in the world? This makes for an incredibly diverse range of scenic landscapes to enjoy!


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9. Dominican Republic

Not only does the Dominican Republic offer you the most for your money, the colonial architecture will definitely charm you!


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8. Turkey
Stay in Istanbul and visit the Grand Bazaar or fly in a hot air balloon over Mount Erciyes. The options in Turkey are endless!

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7. Iceland
Most people think Iceland is a wintery wonderland all year 'round. In reality, Iceland offers a lot of natural geographic wonders for its visitors to explore.


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6. Solomon Islands
Interested in exploring some volcanoes or coral beaches? The Solomon Islands have perfect year-round weather, making it an ideal getaway destination!

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5. Slovakia
Slovakia is home to nine national parks, which feature caves, rock formations, canyons and natural waterfalls. And don't forget all the castles!


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4. Ecuador
Ecuador is currently working on building the steepest railway system in the world. But while that's under construction, you can still visit the colonial mansions and historic churches that are littered throughout the country.


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3. South Korea
Seoul is the capital of South Korea, and while it's a bustling, busy city, the incredible transportation system will get you out to nature in less than one hour.


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2. Montenegro
Mountains, canyons, ancient cities... Montenegro has everything. You can even ride a bicycle around the developing cities and see where the adventure takes you!


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1. Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka has earned several nicknames. One of them, "Serendib", is the Arab word for "serendipity", or the coincidence of happy events. Not only is Sri Lanka the best place to travel on a tight budget, but there are many tours and sightseeing opportunities available. And for just a small amount of money, you'll be able to stay in a swanky hotel!


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