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Stay Connected in the Sky: How Airplane Wi-Fi Works

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Oct 26, 2015 4:14:00 PM

When you’re on the ground, you’re never far from a Wi-Fi connection.Airplane_wifi

In the air however, it’s not always easy to find. Many commercial airlines offer Wi-Fi on board but passengers frequently choose not to pay for it since connections are often slow, service is spotty and prices are high.

That means long periods with no internet and no opportunities to communicate with family and friends, read the latest news, browse social media or get work done.

On the other hand, Cirrus Aviation likes to keep passengers connected in the sky by offering complimentary Wi-Fi. You can now enjoy speedy internet connections on all mid-size jets in our fleet.

As airplane Wi-Fi technology evolves, Cirrus hopes to make internet access available on all jets with reliability and speed that is among the best in the industry today.

So how does it work?

Many airplane Wi-Fi connections are ground-to-air, using 3G cellular network towers. The service facilitates productive business meetings in the air while remaining in contact with clients or headquarters on the ground.

Not all Cirrus clients request on board Wi-Fi. Some actually prefer to disconnect in the air while taking advantage of our roomy cabins to recline in comfortable seats, nap, have a snack or listen to music.

Whatever your preference, know that Cirrus Aviation’s already-dependable Wi-Fi is available and getting better every day.

To book a Cirrus Aviation jet complete with Wi-Fi and all the other perks of charter travel, call 702-472-9714 or contact us online.

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