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Skipping the Security Line and Staying Safe

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Apr 15, 2016 9:32:00 AM

aircraft_charter_in_las_vegas.jpgIt may be comforting to stand in the security line at an airport, knowing the TSA and billions of dollars in resources are keeping you and your family safe. However, another option with even more safety (and a lot more convenience) is chartering a private jet for your journey.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why a private jet is the best alternative.



When you choose an aircraft charter in Las Vegas, you're avoiding the scrutiny that others must undergo at McCarran International Airport.  Because we fly out of a fixed-base operator (or FBO), and you and your associates or guests are the only people who will be onboard, there is no need for additional security measures.  Just head straight to the aircraft and relax in your comfortable cabin.



If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable going through a security checkpoint in front of a hundred strangers (and maybe a colleague or two), you will enjoy the convenience that comes with private air travel. You don't have to remove your shoes or go through embarrassing infrared scanners to get on the plane.  Simply come as you are, leave your briefcase and luggage intact, and board the flight to your next destination.  It's easy and stress-free.


Rebelling Against the Rules  

Rules and regulations are commonplace in our society and in terms of air travel, can become quite bothersome. You're usually required to check any bag aside from your primary carry-on, meaning you lose access to anything you've tucked away. Trinkets, liquids and luxuries are lost at the security checkpoints and the overall experience can be quite frustrating.  When you chose an aircraft charter, however, you're choosing to keep your belongings with you, liquid or otherwise, until you reach your final destination.


If you're interested in learning more about booking an aircraft charter flight in Las Vegas, our team is happy to help.  Contact Cirrus Aviation at 702-472-9714 today.


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