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Private skies: The Pros of Chartering a Jet

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Jun 13, 2015 3:50:00 PM


Flying commercial has become a headache that grows with every journey in the clouds. That’s why many individuals and companies are discovering the pros of chartering a jet.

Travelers don’t often take into consideration all the advantages of booking a private flight when comparing prices, options and logistics.

Chartering a jet just makes more sense for both business and personal travel. Consider the benefits…

Clients set the schedule

In business, the ability to control your flight schedule is a huge competitive advantage. Time is an ally and not an enemy to the company that avoids the shackles of commercial schedules and is able to quickly arrange or re-arrange flights when conditions change on a moments notice. If a meeting runs late, there is the chance of a commercial flight being missed. However, our chartered jets will wait for take-off until the meeting is over.

No lines

Over the course of a year, eliminating the need to stand in security and baggage check-in lines saves many hours and frees employees to focus on their jobs, not the travel.

No connecting flights

Cirrus Aviation jet charters are able to fly directly to thousands of North American airports. No more time-wasting layovers means employees arrive at destinations less drained from traveling. It also reduces the need for overnight stays in hotels. Airports closer to the desired destination can also be selected, instead of ones chosen by the major airlines.

Crowd-free terminals

Travelers are spared the hassle and stress of long walks to departure gates. With a charter flight, your team can show up just minutes before takeoff.

Room to stretch out

Every jet in the Cirrus Aviation fleet is the final word in luxury. Comfortable seating is geared toward business travelers who want to meet and plan strategy… or simply relax… with each other before the big meeting. Most jets accommodate 7 to 8 passengers, but others carry as many as 18 people. You can have a regular conversation, without raising your voice to be heard over the noisy chatter that’s around you on a commercial flight.

More productive employees

Companies find that chartering a jet boosts morale among employees who want to do a good job but are often distracted and fatigued by the frustrations of commercial travel. With the addition of Wi-Fi on jets like the Lear 60 and Citation III, employees can also work while in the air.

It’s not as expensive as you might think

If you’re rounding up a large group for an out-of-state business meeting or a trip to the big game at the Super Bowl, the cost of a dozen commercial First Class tickets may not be so far off from one charted jet. Weigh in the benefits of flying private, and the decision is a no-brainer.

For more information on chartering a jet, including prices and scheduling, contact a Cirrus Aviation customer service representative at (702)-472-9714. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Click on the image below and download our guide, "The Value of Charter Jet Travel for Business", to learn additional benefits of chartering a jet.


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