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Rent a Private Jet & Fly to the Game in Style

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Dec 20, 2012 8:40:19 PM

Booking a trip on a commercial airline can be complicated. Having to schedule flights at a particular time, and making plans to be at the airport extra early can put a damper in what's supposed to be a fun and exciting trip.

Football season is a great example for the perfect occasion to fly in a private. Let's say you live in Las Vegas, but your favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles, are playing a game at their home stadium that you really want to see...

football team in game
photo credit: Matthew Straubmuller via photopin cc


Typically, planning this trip would involve a lot of preparation ahead of time. You'd have to add an extra day for travel to get to Philly the day before the game, as well as time to check into a hotel and time to get to the stadium. With a private jet, however, you can fly into Philadelphia and go straight from the airport to the football field, with no jet lag and no waiting time to collect your bags.

airplane taking off on runway

photo credit: ErikBrouwer via photopin cc


After the big game is over, you can stay the night in Philadelphia and leisurely make your way to the airport the next morning for the flight out. No rushing to pack, no rushing to the gate, no rushing to get a good seat on the plane. Or if you'd rather just fly out right after the game, the option to have dinner on the plane and rest during the flight is always available.

So next time you plan on getting out of town for a football game, rent a private jet! You'll get there in a shorter amount of time and be able to enjoy more of the experience! Call (702)-472-9714 to book your flight to the game. 

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