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Exclusive Private Business Jets

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Sep 28, 2012 2:25:32 PM

Private business jets are a growing trend with savvy executives, CEOs and business owners. Business charter jets are just a smart way to travel in style, with fewer aggravations and with more perks. Perks are the name of the game when you book with Cirrus Aviation.

At Cirrus Aviation, we handle all of the logistics whether you are using our private charter jets or a jet that you or your business owns. We make the arrangements, provide the catering, stock the bar and ensure your satisfaction. Midsize and light jets have space for six to eight people. Large jet have nine to twelve seats. They are spacious enough to allow you to bring an entourage, staff, family or friends. This is an excellent opportunity to reward employees by bringing them on an exciting trip or to impress clients with your generosity. Our celebrity clients especially appreciate their privacy and our discretion.

Travel in style in cushy seats with plenty of room for an adult to lounge comfortably. The large or midsize plane interior is tall enough to allow adults to walk upright, and, of course, there is a private lavatory. Light planes are smaller and more economical, but they still provide comfortable seating and generous legroom. Whichever plane you need, you can be sure that it will outclass first class.

You can be sure that our business charter jet will eliminate travel aggravations for you and your business associates, family or friends. From the simplicity of a no-hassle check-in to the privacy of the cabin, you will not have to deal with the public or long lines. Smaller airports are uncrowded, especially compared to commercial ones. Even better, small airports are in nearly every minor town not just the major commercial hubs. This means you can go directly to almost anywhere in the air nonstop and spend less time on the ground in traffic tie-ups.

Cirrus Aviation can take your group a few hours away, across the U.S. or across the ocean with safety and style. Call (702)-472-9714 to book your exclusive private business jet today. 

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