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Packing Tips for HER to Expedite Your Flight

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Apr 26, 2013 1:00:07 AM

Packing Tips for Women

Image by Chad Fust

It used to be that the prospect of going on a flight was fun and exciting. The flight rates were low, airport security wasn't so stressful, and lines generally moved quickly. Today, however, planning for a trip is so involved that some people prefer to not take it at all. For many travelers, some of the biggest stress comes from packing their bags and wondering if they packed the right amount of items for the entirety of the trip while staying under the weight limit to avoid the outrageous fees that come with overweight bags.

Because we want to bring back the joy in traveling and relieve some of the packing stress, read on for some great tips from frequent smart travelers. First tip to remember: Always pack a carry-on whenever possible. This will avoid the higher costs of shipping luggage, the risk of losing it, and time spent waiting at the carousel.

1. For nights out, pack basic dresses. Solid colors can be mismatched with different jewelry, and they are light and take up very little room.

2. Three pairs of pants is all you need. Denim in particular can be dressed up or down easily.

3. Bring two stylish tops for a dressier look.

4. Stock up on simple short- and long-sleeved t-shirts. Similar to the basic dress, these shirts can be mismatched to make different outfits. They will be lifesavers if you need a quick change.

5. Accessorize! Bring your chic but inexpensive jewelry. It will not only polish your look, but it takes up very little room in your bag. Try not to bring anything very expensive, as the risk of losing it is much higher when traveling.

What to Pack

6. Limit yourself to three pairs of shoes. This may sound crazy to some of you; but with the goal of traveling light with just a carry-on, all you will need is a pair of flats, high heels for going out at night, and athletic shoes for checking out the town.

7. White shirts are always in style. Whether you are going to meet a friend for coffee in the morning or out to an art gallery, you'll be glad you have your clean, crisp, white shirt with you.

8. Cardigans are your new best friends. They fold up nicely, wrinkle very little, and transform your outfits instantly.

9. Don't forget to weigh your bag before you leave home. Most importantly, you want to make sure you can still lift it above your head to place it in the overhead.

For other great tips (include advice for men on the go), information on private jets, and more, go to Call (702)-472-9714 to book your Las Vegas jet charter.

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