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One Plane Does Not Fit All - Aircraft Acquisition Planning Considerations

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Jan 8, 2014 12:14:00 PM

While you may understand the benefits of using your own plane to accommodate your business travel needs, you probably don’t know quite where to start when it comes to making an aircraft acquisition. There are dozens of different aircraft models to choose from in the marketplace, both new and pre-owned. All have widely varying performance capabilities as well as very significant differences in purchase and operating costs. Whether or not it’s your first time acquiring an aircraft, working with a partner that has expert knowledge in the field of aircraft acquisition can help make your decision the right one to fit your unique requirements.

Modern business jets are marvels of engineering, but like any complex machine their designers are forced to make design trade offs in order to tailor each aircraft type to a specific optimal mission. When making your aircraft acquisition choice it is important to carefully consider your unique requirements in order to ensure the aircraft you choose can adequately perform the job you require of it.

Once an aircraft is purchased, it typically stays with the owner for five years or more. A well thought out aircraft acquisition plan considers such parameters as:

  • Aircraft acquisition budget including certification and inspection costs.
  • An understanding of ongoing operational expenses: hourly operating costs, routine and periodic maintenance, pilot training, insurance and hangar expenses.
  • Tax and depreciation considerations.
  • Mission specific considerations: typical number of passengers, range, required takeoff and landing performance, systems and equipment requirements, etc.
  • Differentiation between required functionality, nice-to-have features, and safety enhancing technologies.
  • Replacement planning and timeline.

If you need a new house addition, you typically see an architect. If you feel sick, you see a doctor. When considering a decision as important as an aircraft acquisition, we recommend you seek an aircraft acquisition partner who knows the aviation industry inside and out and can act as an impartial consultant to help you make the right decision.

Let us help you find and purchase the perfect aircraft today. Call Cirrus Aviation Services at Call (702)-472-9714 to book your private jet charter. or email us to learn more about our aircraft acquisitions services. 

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