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Fly Empty Legs with Las Vegas Private Jet Rental Cirrus Aviation

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Mar 8, 2015 1:13:00 PM

Flying has become nothing more than a Greyhound bus at 33,000 feet. Decreasing customer service has made domestic flying a miserable experience. Flying private charters via jet rentals has become a very enticing way of avoiding the herding cattle mentality found in most domestic airlines.

Empty Legs

Empty legs on chartered flights are often a great means of saving costs on private jet charters. Popular destinations for jet charters or rentals often have "empty legs", which are flights where there are no passengers. Frequently, Las Vegas private jet rental services can be found with pricing up to 70% off the standard as a result of empty legs.

How to Find Empty Leg Availability

We often post updated information on our Facebook and Twitter pages, making it possible to find available charters with empty legs that provide savings and a personal travel experience that exceeds first class service. You may also download our whitepaper, “How to Take Advantage of Empty Leg Flights” for more information.

What to Expect

Say goodbye to being crammed into tiny seats with seat mates who babble, exhibit poor manners and hygiene and make the flight miserable. With an empty leg charter, expect large, reclining and comfortable leather seats, first class flight service and attendants, clean washrooms while enjoying a cocktail or just watching the scenery below pass by.

You should also expect ease of entry. No longer do you have to go through the long lines of security as the private rentals and charters use smaller landing areas and use their own security, making for a very comfortable check-in and boarding procedure. Drive straight to your jet, arrive and board minutes before take-off.

When taking a flight either in or out of fun destinations such as Sin City, a Las Vegas private jet rental becomes part of the experience. Consider flying the empty legs as a throwback to the golden age of travel where decorum and customer service were the rules of the day and players got treated with dignity and respect. Do yourself a favor and fly private charter, but be prepared, once you do, you'll never wish to return to commercial flights again. 

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