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Jet to Cabo for Spring Break and Try One of these Adventurous Activities

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Mar 28, 2013 1:00:21 AM

Spring break is a week to relax away from the stress of homework and essays. Don't just spend your time laying out on the beach. Make this break unforgettable. Cabo San Lucas is the ideal spring break vacation spot, and there is a variety of unique adventures you can experience.

(1) Take a Private Jet

Begin your perfect spring break and rent a jet. You've been working hard all semester! The last thing you want is to sit in between loud and smelly people on a commercial airline. Sit back and relax as your perfect spring break commences.

private jet flying through the sky

Photo by masterjack.roger

(2) Parasailing

Your spring break is sure to be memorable if you try something adventurous. Feel the cool breeze of the ocean water as you fly through the air. You are as free as a bird! Enjoy the gorgeous view of Cabo San Lucas.

Two people parasailing

Photo by Maria Strong

(3) Scuba Diving

Now that you've seen the bird's eye view of the ocean, it's time to take a deeper look. Experience the wonders and life that encompass the depths of the ocean. The beauty of the colorful fish and coral will be a sight that can never be compared to.

Girl scuba diving

Photo by Ilse Reijs and Jan-Noud Hutten


Orange clown fish swimming around coral

Photo by Diego Molla

(4) Swim with Dolphins

Now that you've seen all the beautiful creatures under the sea, hang out with some ocean life! Dolphins are the smartest among all sea creatures. Watch them do tricks, and even ride on the back of one!

Girl giving a dolphin a kiss

Photo by Britt Reints

(5) Zip Lining

Take your adventures back to land and feel the drop of your stomach as you zip through the air. The excitement will only grow as you fly the length of nine football fields. Your breath will be taken away viewing the beautiful desert canyons.

Two people zip lining through the desert

Photo by David Smith

(6) Ride a Camel

Now see the beauty of the desert from another perspective: atop a gentle giant! Not many people can say they've ever ridden a camel. Make your friends and family jealous by taking the ride of a lifetime. This one-of-a-kind experience will be a great ending to the most unforgettable spring break.

two people riding a camel along the beach

Photo by Michael Stephens

Don't have the typical spring break like the rest of your classmates. Spice it up and live life to the fullest. It will make for a great story when it's time to go back to class! Contact us today.

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