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How to Dress for Success on Those Long Business Flights

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Jan 28, 2013 12:00:43 AM

You may think that being comfortable while in business attire is a combination that can't be achieved. Think again. Use the following tips to help you dress for success while you're on one of those long business trips, whether you're in an executive private jet or a crowded commercial flight.

what to wear when you fly in a private jet

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Private Jet Attire For Women:

a woman dressed in professional clothes

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This is a simple yet stylish outfit that will make traveling easy for you. All women have their own insecurities, but picking clothing that is either too big, too baggy, or too revealing is always a bad and unprofessional look. Instead, choose a neutral colored blouse (no t-shirts!) and if you're going to wear jeans while on a business trip, always choose a dark wash. Pair these up with a nice pair of heels and a few accessories, and you have a style that is easy, clean-cut, but more importantly, professional.

Private Jet Attire For Men:

a man dressed in business clothes

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The look pictured above is easy to achieve, and is a staple for people that need to go from their flights straight into a business meeting. Believe it or not, a suit is not required to look polished when traveling, and you will not feel under dressed with this look. Simply keep some of these casual and stylish must-have pieces handy:

- Fitted slacks, but if you prefer to wear jeans, wear a pair that are dark-washed and tailored

- A cardigan

- A thin button up shirt

- A nice watch

- Leather shoes (no squared toe shoes!)

With these style tips you will be flying comfortably, and will look good while doing so.

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