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Future Luxury: Aircrafts in 2052

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Nov 30, 2012 11:35:00 AM

man enjoying a luxurious flight

Air travel has made significant leaps and bounds in the past forty years. From televisions in headrests to advanced aircraft designs, airplanes have progressed significantly and will continue to advance technologically. But what will air crafts look like forty years from now? Some companies have ideas that will radically change the way people travel though the sky.

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has designed a drastic change to the airplane that they predict will be common practice forty years from now. Featuring a transparent cabin that gives passengers a full view of the sky, and seats that harness body heat to power technological devices, as well as providing massage and acupuncture services, future airline travel looks to provide comfort and technological advances far beyond what we call top of the line today.

Panasonic aims to keep airline passengers entertained on future air crafts. While on-board Wi-Fi is becoming the norm on airplanes, Panasonic hopes to utilize the Internet and streaming services to their full potential. With the development of eye tracking, motion detecting, wireless in flight entertainment, airplanes hope to keep passengers engaged with touch screen devices that track the users movements to provide a more enjoyable and customizable flight experience.

These advances are not here yet, but they are just a glimpse of what could be in store for airplanes of the future.

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Main photo by: Jono Haysom

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