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Las Vegas Private Jet: The Key To Huge Company Savings

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Apr 29, 2016 11:44:11 AM
Business Private Jet

Private jets have long been the preferred choice of the world class traveler – the epitome of style and privilege.

But private jets also represent so much more. If your company is thinking about switching from commercial to private travel, you'd be wise to assess the benefits to your bottom line. A Las Vegas private jet represents an investment that pays dividends for shareholders down the road – and down the runway, too.

Begin with basic accounting

There is no doubt that private jet travel offers many benefits, including...

  • Time savings
  • Convenience
  • Flexibility
  • Privacy
  • Enhanced Image
  • Premier service
  • Reduced stress associated with conventional travel, including long lines, delays and lost luggage

Saving time saves money

Time is the most precious commodity of business professionals and the use of a Las Vegas private jet saves precious minutes, if not hours.

  • Less time on the ground. Smaller, private jets don't need huge runways and can fly in and out of smaller, regional airports with ease. Plus, a company enjoys the freedom to establish flight schedules, not an airline.
  • Faster trips. Private jets can reach higher altitudes than commercial jets, allowing them to arrive at their destinations sooner while also avoiding rough weather.
  • Fewer distractions in the air. Private jets offer silence and privacy that allow business professionals to hold conversations, conduct meetings and get important work done. On longer flights, professionals can catch up on the sleep they need in a quiet cabin, while avoiding the effects of jet lag.

The savings continue after landing

Upon arriving at their destination, business travelers continue to benefit from traveling by private jet.

  • Transfer quickly and directly to their destination. Private jets save time in domestic travel by landing closer to the destination and shave hours of wasted time in international travel by eliminating immigration queues.
  • Reap immediate restorative benefits. A combination of greater productivity and relaxation.

Companies can save even more money on private jets by exploring multiple booking discounts – ideal for frequent business travelers and those who have the ability to plan their trips far in advance.

To maximize the savings afforded by private jets, it's wise to partner with a travel company that will listen to your needs and work closely with you to become an extension of your team. As the premier operator of private jets in Las Vegas, Cirrus Aviation will tailor make travel arrangements for businesses of any size.

Contact us today to discuss booking your upcoming business travels at (702)-472-9714.

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