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Flying On a Private Jet is More Affordable Than You Think

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Feb 18, 2013 5:26:00 PM

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Flying on a private jet has long been thought of as an option only available for the rich or famous. However, with the gradual increase of fuel prices, awareness through social media, and new websites springing up, many private jet charter companies are beginning to negotiate their rates and are making their services more widely accessible to the general public. Before you start packing your bags, consider these tips to help you find the best rates possible.

#1. Search for last minute discounted flights.

Websites like allow you to search for private jets that are flying with "empty legs" (A term referring to an empty flight back to the base). Obviously flying without passengers is not in any airline's best interest, so many private jet companies are now allowing people the opportunity to purchase these flights at discounted rates. However, there is a bit of risk involved in flying this way. Flight availability depends solely on the jet owner's schedule, so if they change their plans last minute, you might have to cancel your plans. Also, these flights really are "last-minute." Most of the time you won't have more than a few hours notice to be on the plane before take off, so flexibility is key.

#2. Use social media to split the cost.

The idea is simple: the more people you have sharing the cost of transportation, the cheaper it will be for everyone. For example, get your best friend to go with you on a $1,500 flight and you will both pay $750. If a third person joins, you pay $375 each. You get the picture. When it comes to private jets for rent, the more the merrier, right?

#3. Book your flight with a broker for the best deals.

Who better to ask for deals on airfare than someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry? For a set commission, a broker will do the work of booking a private jet flight for you. Your savings will usually be more than enough to cover the fee, and your flight plans will be more secure this way.

The bottom line: with some research, flexibility, and help from your friends or fellow travelers, flying in a luxury jet can be a reality for the average person. Next time you plan on taking a trip by air, contact Cirrus Aviation at (702)-472-9714 to fly in style.

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