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Fly a Chartered Jet to Conventions

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Jul 26, 2015 10:09:00 AM


Chartering a jet through Cirrus Aviation will transform the experience of professional conventions.

Travelers who fly private jet to conventions arrive more relaxed and productive at a time when it’s critically important for your company to outshine competitors.

With so much depending on employees’ energy and focus, why take chances by flying commercially?

A chartered jet offers these substantial benefits to companies:

  • Booking a jet through Cirrus Aviation enables you and your associates to fly directly to virtually any destination in North America. Private jets, unlike commercial airliners, are not restricted to major hub airports.
  • Direct flights are far more efficient. Time-consuming connecting flights are just a bad memory.
  • You create your own schedule. Arriving at the convention early, staying late to follow up on leads or keeping hotel stays to a minimum is all possible when your team is traveling with Cirrus Aviation.
  • Your luggage travels with you at all times. Bypassing baggage check-in and claim and eliminating the risk of lost luggage is particularly convenient if you are traveling with extra, ultra-important convention materials.
  • In the event that a piece of the presentation or the new technology you are announcing breaks or doesn’t work properly and it is too late to ship a replacement, private jets can be of service.
  • Executives travel as a group - not always possible when flying commercially - and can plan strategy or practice presentations while aloft in a roomy, confidential cabin with Wi-Fi and other amenities.
  • With no more TSA lines, mad rushes to make a flight, or late arrivals, flying is actually relaxing, not stressful. Flying by chartered jet has been known to do wonders for the morale of associates who arrive at their destination in a positive frame of mind, ready to make a strong impression for their company.

Cirrus Aviation is prepared to make traveling to conventions by chartered jet a pleasure for you and your associates. Call us today at 702-472-9714. Our representatives are available to answer questions 24/7. To learn additional ways flying private is beneficial for businesses, download our guide, "The Value of Charter Jet Travel for Business".

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