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Flight Food: Best and Worst Cuisine to Bring on a Plane

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on May 6, 2013 6:00:32 AM

The flight attendant often brings good news on an airplane―“We are ready for take off,” and “We will now begin our complimentary beverage service.” The mood weakens with mention of the food selections. Rubbery chicken or a barely heated burrito can make a flight seem hours longer and have your stomach turning in knots.

So when your trip lacks a satisfying meal, choose the alternative and pack your own food. Here are some foods to bring and others to stay away from when picking out snacks for your next flight.

Smart Options:

Good airplane snack food

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Avoid messiness with bite-sized food, such as crackers or cheese cubes.

For something with more substance, try a sandwich on a bagel―it's more compact. For this sandwich, though, leave out the mayo and mustard.

Keep Home:

Food not to bring on airplane


Stay away from strong-scented foods on your flight, like tuna sandwiches. The smell will not please your neighbors.

Leave sticky fruit, like oranges and peaches behind. Also, leave the salads at home. A bumpy ride will make for a soiled lap and an uncomfortable trip.

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