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Five Events That Cry Out for a Chartered Plane

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Feb 12, 2015 4:26:00 PM

A chartered plane is an awesome way to fly no matter where you are heading. No crowded terminals, last-minute boarding, plenty of room to stretch out and relax once you are in the air. Chartering is no-hassle, low-stress and FUN, a word that definitely does not describe flying commercial these days.

But flying aboard a chartered plane really lends itself to certain life events. You can’t celebrate New Year’s Eve without champagne. Likewise, flying a charter to these particular destinations is sure to create an unforgettable experience:

  • Skiing in Aspen. Why land in Denver and drive to Aspen when you can set down right next to the mountains in your chartered jet? It gives you a lot more time on the slopes - or in the lodge with an Irish coffee.
  • Bachelor or bachelorette parties. Get creative with direct charter flights to pretty much anywhere – Vegas, Miami Beach or anywhere else. Or how about something really wild, like ice fishing in Alaska?
  • Those special birthdays. Celebrate that milestone 30th with a quick-but-relaxing trip to Sedona with the girls, or indulge in a Napa wine tasting getaway.
  • Music festivals. Even at the last minute, a charter enables you can make the scene at Rock in Rio, Life is Beautiful, or Coachella with time to spare.
  • The Big Game. Boys can be boys on a private jet, so party on the way to the game of your choice. The more the merrier, because flying by charter is even more affordable when the costs are shared by the group.

In case you need a little more inspiration, there are fantastic deals available for empty leg, or deadhead, charter flights to almost anywhere in the country. We often post empty leg availability on Facebook and Twitter, or you may call us any time at (702)-472-9714 You may also download our whitepaper, “How to Take Advantage of Empty Leg Flights”.

One. Last. Nudge. Unlike commercial flights, you aren’t charged for your luggage when you fly on a chartered plane.

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