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Complete Charter Flight Services

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Sep 28, 2012 2:21:33 PM

At Cirrus Aviation, we offer complete charter flight services. On the ground and in the air, we are the charter jet service that is ready when you are. If you need absolute privacy, we are the ones who can make that happen with a private charter flight.

Business. Many of our clients operate in the world of big business and high finance. Our charter flights are designed to allow you to work quietly, discuss business matters openly, entertain associates or impress prospective clients. Our concierge and transportation associates will provide prompt service and complete discretion.

Celebrity. Many of our clients are celebrities who rely on us for a safe and pleasant retreat from public hassles. Our air charter service understands the need to provide absolute privacy when transporting clients. From check-in for the plane to your final destination and back again, we can provide important travel services without unwanted interruptions.

Schedule. We respect the fact that time is money to many of our clients. If you have a tight schedule, we can help make it happen. With the number of airports available to us, we have a greater chance of meeting your deadlines than commercial airports who are limited to large, crowded airports. Passengers are boarded quickly avoiding luggage check-in and security lines.

Your Guests. Your guests are our guests. Under your direction, we can provide food and drink that suits the atmosphere you wish to create for your family, friends, staff, business associates or clients.

Weather. Weather rarely delays us, and, if it does, it is usually the extreme weather that delays commercial airlines. The difference? When the ‘all clear’ is given, your jet will not be waiting in a queue. It will be ready to go.

Aircraft Size. At Cirrus Aviation, we have access to thousands of jets. Our large jets can make transoceanic flights with room for 9 to 14. Midsize jets, which can provide nonstop travel for up to five hours, accommodate 6 to 8. Light jets offer luxury seating to accommodate 6 to 8 adult passengers. Wherever you live, Cirrus Aviation is the perfect air charter service for your needs. Call (702)-472-9714 for your charter flight inquiries.

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