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3 Myths about Chartering a Private Jet to Las Vegas

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Feb 27, 2015 11:56:00 AM

Are you planning a group trip? Why not charter a private jet to Las Vegas? If you're like most travelers, you've probably never considered that a private jet may be a good solution for you. Many people believe that private jets are only for the famous or the super-rich. They think that a private jet is well out of their price range.

The truth is, though, that private jets can make sense for lots of people, especially those travelling in large groups. Unfortunately, many travelers miss out on the private jet experience because they believe some of the myths out there. Here are three of the most common myths:

It's too expensive. It's easy to get sticker shock when you look at the total cost for renting a jet. However, a fairer comparison is to look at the per-seat cost and then compare that to commercial prices.

If the private jet will be mostly full, then you'll probably find that the per-seat cost of the jet isn't that much more expensive than a commercial business class or first class seat. And considering the convenience and privacy that comes with a private jet, you may find that it's well worth any extra cost.

It's only for celebrities or billionaires. Lots of groups charter a private jet to Las Vegas. They're popular for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Extended families will often rent them so the whole family can fly together and to better accommodate young children. Business groups use them to make planning more convenient for busy executives. No matter your group, it's likely that a private jet will meet your needs.

It doesn't save you that much time. This is probably the most egregious myth. Time savings is one of the biggest advantages to flying private. Imagine pulling up to the airport, walking right inside the door, having no lines, and simply handing your bags to an attendant as you board the plan. Don’t forget that you land at the airport that is closest to your destination.

In addition, air carriers don’t fly hub and spoke like many commercial airlines; meaning they don’t have to go back to the hub city before moving to the next destination. They move from location to location with flexibility in their schedules, so you can feel confident that the plane will be on time.

This is why businesses love private jets. It saves their executives valuable time because those executives don't have to spend hours sitting in airports or on tarmacs. Think about the value of your time when considering the cost of a private jet.

You can learn more about chartering a private jet to Las Vegas for your next trip by contacting Cirrus Aviation at (702)-472-9714 or filling out this form. We would welcome an opportunity to help you plan your trip.

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