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Total Aircraft Management Solution

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Nov 5, 2012 11:48:28 AM

When a person or business decides they need to have a private jet for their use, Cirrus Aviation provides the perfect solution for the daunting tasks of finding an aircraft, purchasing it and managing it. We can help to remove those feelings of complexity of owning a jet, as well as removing risk of ownership. We have over 35 years of operating and managing both commercial and private aircraft.

The helpful staff of Cirrus Aviation is always available to help you with regulatory oversight issues, maintenance oversight and flight operations. We can also help in the areas of human resources and customer service, employing the most qualified flight crew and service staff available.

We realize what a huge investment an aircraft is and our expertly trained professionals will care for and protect your investment. We will be sure the plane is operated in the safest, most efficient way and we are always aware of all legal requirements. We can give you a detailed analysis of costs, whether they are short or long-term and we will help to make all plans for the best use of your private jet.

By choosing Cirrus Aviation to manage your aircraft, owners see excellent savings on costs associated with operating the plane. Savings are seen in the areas of maintenance, fuel costs and maintenance of the plane. Cirrus Aviation obtains insurance and select the flight crew to run it and oversee all maintenance.

Invest in an aircraft in confidence that all the hassles that go with ownership are being competently taken care of in the best way possible. We are specialists in aircraft management and have a proven track record enduring for over 35 years. All of the associates of Cirrus Aviation are professionals with extensive backgrounds of operation and management.

Cirrus Aviation strives to offer the best aircraft management service possible and to exceed our customers expectations. We are available 24/7 if issues or questions arise. We continually work hard to offer the best level of service in all areas of ownership and management.

Cirrus Aviation provides all of its operations from the Atlantic Aviation Executive Terminal. We are located across from the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. We serve nine separate locations in California, two in Arizona, one in Colorado and one New York site. For aircraft management solutions call (702) 472-9714.

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