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Personalized Private Air Charters

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Sep 28, 2012 2:22:41 PM

At Cirrus Aviation, you can rely on our private air charters to offer the right schedule for you. We believe that offering superior service in air charters means catering to the personal travel needs of the client. With thousands of jets at your service, our qualified staff and licensed pilots are experts at creating the experience that you want from private air charters. If you own a private jet, let us handle the logistics for you. Just relax and enjoy your trip.

Travel Arrangements. Before the trip, our staff can make the needed arrangements for successful travel. On the ground, our staff will check in your luggage and get you to the plane without the hassle of commercial air travel. In the air, we offer experienced pilots who understand their aircraft and prioritize your safety. Back on the ground again, we offer transportation and concierge services to provide safe, quick and, if necessary, private arrival at your final ground destination.

Guest Services. We offer spacious, comfortable seating on all of our jets. Unlike commercial jets, you won’t feel packed into the space. The mid-size and large jets offer an aisle and headroom to stand and walk upright. They also offer catered food service, your choice of beverages, and a private lavatory. We can offer the conveniences that you need for your family, friends, important clients or busy staff.

Non-stop. For flights lasting a few hours, light jets are the most economical, but mid-size and large jets are available. For cross country flights, both mid-size and large jets can fly nonstop. For transcontinental flights, large jets can handle 6 to 12 hours in the air before refueling.

Discretion. Whether your trip is for work or just for fun, we can help you enjoy it more. Our clients are business executives and celebrities. We understand the need to guard personal and business privacy. We offer a buffer against unnecessary intrusions on your time and energies.

Safety. This is our primary job. We utilize highly skilled pilots and mechanics to ensure that you and your travel companions arrive safe and sound. Call (702)-472-9714 for your personalized air charters.

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