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8 Traits Most Business Travelers Share

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Jan 18, 2013 12:00:29 AM

a man charging a device at an airport

Business travelers (BT's) are a breed of their own. Whether they are traveling in their own private business jets or on commercial flights, they all have some very interesting things in common. While you read these, think about your own habits, and how frequently you can relate. If more than six of them describe you, consider yourself an honorary member of the Serial Business Traveler Club.

1. Business travelers are workaholics

On average, BT's work 240 more hours a year than the average American worker.

2. Business travelers rarely unplug

94% of BT's connect to work at some point during their vacations.

3. Most BT's are male, with 60% male & 40% female


4. They love their WiFi

BT's spend 16+ hours per day connected to a WiFi network.

5. They love technology

In fact, in any particular business trip they may be carrying at least 3 electronic devices (ie: cell phone, lap top, tablet).

6. They are dependent on their mobile phones

The average BT checks their cell 34 times a day.

7. They get more done than the average traveler

For Business travelers, technology is their best friend. With the help of technology, 98% report they are more productive than the average traveler.

8. They are in their late 30s

The average age of a BT in 2012 was 38.

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All statistics courtesy of "Mobile Dependence: A Growing Trend in Business Travel"
Main photo by: juicyrai

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