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8 Must Have Gadgets for A Successful Business Trip

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Jan 24, 2013 8:22:21 AM

Being on the move while traveling can make it extremely hard to remain productive. Whether you are in the best charter jet Aspen has to offer, or trying to get through the tight corridor on a commercial flight, every minute you dedicate to work becomes significantly more valuable to you when you are traveling. This is why the gadgets you take with you on your trip must be easily accessible and need to have specific purposes. Check out the following list of must have gadgets for a successful business trip:

Pen/USB Flash Drive Combination

a pen with a usb flash drive
Photo by:

Multitasking at its' best, this product is great to carry on your person or in your laptop bag. Whether you need to write something down, (an idea, flight number, etc) or pull up an important Excel file, having this little gadget will definitely be a time saver.

Apple's Macbook Air

A MacBook Air laptop

Photo by: CA RO

Apple's Macbook Air gives you all the power of those bulky laptops, but at a much more manageable size. It is durable (will handle those little bumps while going through a security checkpoint), fast, and extremely light. To top it off, the screen is very bright and crisp, and can be easily adjusted for those red-eye flights.

Google Nexus 7

A nexus 7 32G tablet with wifi
Photo by: shizo

The Google Nexus 7 has many of the same capabilities of the iPad, including quick internet access, Android OS, and many of the same apps that are available through Apple, but at a much more manageable price tag. At only about $199, losing or breaking it won't sting as much as with the iPad.

iPhone 5

apple iphone 5 smart phone
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If you must choose to carry only one internet-ready gadget with you, choose the iPhone 5. It has thousands of apps available that are catered to business gurus, which will help make your life much easier. The iPhone 5 has everything from turn-by-turn directions, real-time flight status, airport maps, Microsoft Office applications, Skype and regular phone service with maximum portability.

Beats by Dr. Dre
Beats By Dr. Dre Headphones
Photo by: beats by dr dre

There is nothing worse than trying to concentrate when there is a screaming baby sitting next to you. This is when a really good pair of noise-cancelling headphones will be your saving grace. Put these on and tune out the rest of the world while you work on your projects.

Portable Hotspot
a wifi device that is a portable hotspot
Photo by: abullhussain

There might be one thing worst than a screaming baby sitting next to you in a flight, being in a location with no Wi-Fi! Nowadays, almost all business is conducted via the Internet, so not having access to it will stop you dead in your tracks. Buy a good Wi-Fi mobile hot spot so you never have to run into this problem. The more time you spend not being productive struggling with something as simple as not having internet access, the more money you could be losing.

Portable Translator

a portable translation device
Photo by: Isaac Bordas

Translators are a dime a dozen, but not having one when you are in a different country will create a language barrier with your potential clients. Instead, always carry your translator with you, as you never know when a business opportunity in a foreign country may arise.

A Good Travel Backpack
Mobile Edge ScanFast Onyx Backpack packed full of gadgets
Photo by: Mobile Edge Laptop Cases

Finally, there would be no point in having all of these great gadgets if you don't have an equally great travel backpack. Things to consider when choosing one: size (will it fit in most overhead compartments?) weight, separators, and padding. A good travel backpack will have many dividers to help keep you organized and a separate laptop section that is appropriately padded to help keep your laptop safe. Be sure to also check the strap padding as it needs to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Call (702)-472-9714 to book your business private jet today!

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