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2012: Safest Year for Air Travel Since 1945

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Jan 17, 2013 12:00:30 AM jet rental

Source: via Caribbean on Pinterest

The Aviation Safety Network, a private research group based in the Netherlands, recently released news that 2012 was a stellar year for air travel safety. Airlines around the world reported only 23 accidents over the course last year. This statistic is in comparison to a 10 year average of 34 accidents annually.

The president of the research group, Harro Ranter, credits these results to the increased auditing efforts of international aviation groups ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Another interesting finding of this research showed that more than 20 percent of fatal airline accidents in 2012 occurred in Africa despite the fact that only 3 percent of global airline departures occur in this region of the world.

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