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Why Private Jets are White

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on May 19, 2017 8:00:00 AM

bigstock--167459132.jpgA ruby-red car can sneak up on you quickly, triggering a swift surge to the central nervous system.

That's no car, you think to yourself. It looks like a fire engine.

There is a reason for that. Fire engines are red, just like school buses are yellow, to be easily identifiable to motorists and school children. Yet most private jets are white. If you've ever gazed out the window of a Las Vegas private jet charter and wondered why, allow Cirrus Aviation to offer a few explanations.

  • White jets are highly visible. Against the blue sky of day or the dark sky of night, white jets are easily seen. Though extensive safety features prevent planes from flying too close to each other, added visibility enhances safety. For opposite reasons, military planes that aim to avoid detection are often painted dark green or gray.
  • White jets give passengers an enhanced feeling of security. Social scientists who have delved into the psychology of color note that many people feel safer in white planes and white vehicles precisely because they are so visible.
  • White jets are cooler jets – in more ways than one. Many people associate white with class and prestige. You may happen to disagree, but there's no denying that a white jet reflects sunlight, which keeps the cabin cooler when the plane is on the ground or up in the air.
  • White jets provide a “blank slate” for the owner to make its mark. If you've ever seen Air Force One land on a runway, your eyes can't help but be riveted to the presidential seal. While there's only one Air Force One, savvy companies draw on the class and prestige factor of the color white, making the addition of a logo easily visible.
  • White jets quickly expose maintenance and safety issues. This is highly desirable, even for a world-class safety leader like Cirrus Aviation, a company recently awarded the highest designation for safety by ARGUS International. Cracks and oil leaks stand out on white, just as they do on white vehicles. And dirt and grime, which add drag, can be easier to see and remove so a jet is more fuel efficient.
  • White jets “hold” their paint. Partially because white jets reflect light and heat from the sun, they don't fade as quickly as jets painted in other colors. This means they’re repainted less often, making them more cost efficient to maintain. These cost savings are passed along to people who book with Cirrus Aviation.

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Cirrus Aviation's most popular jets are white: the Beechjet 400A, with seating for seven people, the Challenger 604, with seating for 10 people, the Cessna Citation, which seats eight people and the Lear 60, which seats seven people.

From a distance, they won't sneak up on you like a ruby-red car. But they offer a sleek elegance guaranteed to take your breath away. Contact Cirrus Aviation by calling 702-472-9714 to book your Las Vegas private jet charter today.

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