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Why Charter a Private Jet Service in Las Vegas When Flying with Children

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Aug 30, 2017 8:00:00 AM

bigstock-Family-Traveling-By-Commercial-40301281.jpgTraveling with kids can be a frustrating process, but it’s a lot more convenient without the hassle of commercial airlines and congestion of large airports. Private jet service in Las Vegas can make travel much easier for the whole family – especially with Cirrus Aviation Services.

Top Five Reasons to Fly Private Jet Service in Las Vegas with Children

Traveling by private jet eliminates the pressure of having to travel “light and tight”

Kids don't travel lightly, and the younger they are, the more tote-alongs they require. When you rely on private jet service in Las Vegas with Cirrus Aviation, you'll have room to stow a diaper bag, stroller, favorite pillow, blanket and “fun bag” containing toys and other diversions. And you won't have to worry about cramming this stash into an overhead compartment. You can stow it near your seat so everything is right there when you – or your child – needs it.

Traveling by private jet allows you to request kid-friendly snacks and meals

If you travel by commercial jet, you might as well add a “snack bag” to your entourage. On a private jet, you can pacify fussy eaters by ordering exactly what you know they'll enjoy, whether it’s chicken nuggets, mac n’ cheese or a juice box.

Traveling by private jet service allows you to create custom entertainment

Or commonly known to parents as “bribes” in exchange for good behavior. You can order all the G-rated movies you like for your child over Wi-Fi without being stuck with the suspense movies or “chick flicks” that commercial airlines tend to favor. For an extra dose of entertainment, feel free to host a full-fledged kiddie pizza party in mid-air.

Traveling by private jet frees you of the worry of creating a family scene…

Like when a child talks back, pitches a fit or throws a full-fledged tantrum - as all children are prone to do from time to time. These outbursts can be nerve-racking and embarrassing for parents, but at least they remain private on a private jet. And you never have to worry about angry stares, glares and snide comments from fellow passengers.

Traveling by private jet service expedites the entire travel process

You and your family will depart based on your travel needs (not an airline’s), skip long security lines, take off from a small uncongested regional airport, adjust the flight plan if necessary, avoid the smash-grab scene at the baggage claim area and depart for your destination almost as soon as you land.

Book a private jet service in Las Vegas for your next family trip

Private jet service in Las Vegas is ideal for the entire family. Call Cirrus Aviation at 702-472-9714 knowing that flying by private jet is the only way to travel with children.

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