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Underrated Cities for Your Las Vegas Jet Charter

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Feb 10, 2017 11:13:33 AM

A few days have opened on your calendar, and now your wanderlust is eager to fill them with a first-class trip to a vibrant city. You could book a Las Vegas jet charter to New York City or Los Angeles, but you may want to try someplace new that you haven't considered before.

Match your sense of adventure with one of the 10 most underrated destination cities in America - all teeming with scenic attractions, fine restaurants and upscale boutiques.

West Coast

Palm Springs, California - For years, this quiet but elegant desert town has flown under the radar. Its low-key charm adds allure for people of all ages. The canyons and hiking trails beckon by day while VillageFest - a lively and upscale outdoor market - will capture your imagination at night.

Santa Barbara, California - Step back in time to Hollywood's golden era by visiting this bedazzling city just north of Los Angeles. Wine tours and tastings are a Santa Barbara hallmark - as well as those who wish to revel in the scenic countryside.

Sedona, Arizona - You'll know how the early gold miners felt when your Las Vegas jet charter lands in Sedona, once deemed "The Most Beautiful Place in America" in USA Weekend's Annual Travel Report. Just hours from Phoenix and the Grand Canyon, you can see "the rim" in style with an exhilarating helicopter ride for the ultimate "six mile high" experience.

The South

St. Augustine, Florida - Who needs the high wattage of Orlando when you can revel in this quaint European-styled hamlet, highlighted by the St. George Street promenade.

Savannah, Georgia - This small coastline city - a stone's throw from the South Carolina state line - exudes Southern charm, from cobblestone walkways to lush parks along the Savannah River.

New Orleans, Louisiana - It's true. Everyone deserves to dance in the streets of the French Quarter at least once in their lifetime. The Big Easy elevates both jazz and seafood to exquisite art forms.

Charleston, South Carolina - If you've been planning a trip to the Carolinas, make Charleston your primary landing place. Both charming and provocative, Charleston is the crown jewel of the twin states.

Austin, Texas - The state capital of Texas is also billed as the "live music capital of the world" for a reason. It's one of the greenest - and sparkling - cities in America.

San Antonio, Texas - Just try pulling your eyes away from the stunning sight of the San Antonio River running right through the heart of the city - equally captivating by day as it is by night and a constant source of activity. You might think you're in Venice, with a big side of Texas hospitality.


Minneapolis, Minnesota - First-time visitors often remark that Minneapolis reminds them of New York City. The similarities might be obvious, but there's no mistaking the small town feel of this magnetic and cultural mecca, home to both alluring galleries and art centers.

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