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Three Ways Flying Las Vegas Private Jets Save Time

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on May 2, 2017 1:40:14 PM

bigstock-People-Waiting-In-Line-Travel-98235875.jpgIf one of your most precious commodities is time, then you can probably add up all the hours and minutes you wasted during your last commercial travel adventure.

But why expend negative energy? Let your last commercial flight serve as a reminder of how flying on Las Vegas private jets saves time in three crucial ways.

1) Bypass security lines

The commercial way: Commercial travelers have learned to tolerate a lot of stringent airport security measures, revealing the full contents of their carry-on bags, going through electronic screenings and obeying requests to remove their shoes. But even after arriving at the airport two hours before their departure time, many passengers find they still cut it too close or miss flights altogether.

The Cirrus Aviation way: Cirrus Aviation's Las Vegas private jets usually depart from a different facility than commercial craft. Known as fixed-base operators, these facilities tend to be small (even tiny by commercial airport standards) and blissfully uncrowded. Cirrus Aviation passengers are usually asked to arrive 15 minutes before their departure time so that they can display their identification (or passport for overseas trips), board the plane and settle in. And yes, you can leave your shoes on the entire time too.

2) No connecting flights

The commercial way: With the possible exception of saving some money, there is nothing to enjoy about a connecting flight. Getting off one plane and rushing to board another is stressful enough, but the process worsens if you miss a connecting flight and your luggage takes off without you. Or you could face the prospect of waiting hours between flights and going through security checkpoints all over again. Nevertheless, if you want to travel from point A to point B, sometimes there is no other way to do so other than through a connecting flight.

The Cirrus Aviation way: Cirrus Aviation's Las Vegas private jets fly into the smaller, regional airports that cannot accommodate the large commercial jetliners – and there are hundreds of them throughout the country. Travelers talk about trying to take "the path of least resistance,” but Cirrus Aviation always offers the path of least resistance.

3) Quicker ground transfers

The commercial way: Once you've landed at a commercial airport, you have to gather your luggage, navigate the crowds and arrange transportation to your hotel. But you may be a long way from ordering room service when you factor in the time for ground transfers, which are complicated by an airport's location, especially in large cities.

The Cirrus Aviation way: By flying into smaller regional airports, Cirrus Aviation's Las Vegas private jets avoid congestion that plague national and international airports. For example, while commercial travelers have no choice but to land at Miami International Airport, Cirrus Aviation pilots can take their pick of four regional airports. And while frustrated commercial travelers continue to wonder why John F. Kennedy International Airport is located 20 miles from Manhattan, the smaller airport in Teterboro, New Jersey, is just 12 miles away.

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It's been said that time is money, but if you view time as one of your most precious commodities, you'll agree that the Cirrus Aviation way is the better way. Book Las Vegas private jets by calling Cirrus Aviation at (702) 472-9714.

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