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Three Ways a Las Vegas Jet Charter Soars Above First-Class Travel

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on May 22, 2017 8:00:00 AM

bigstock-Private-Luxury-Jet-1227218.jpgRemember the first time you traveled in first class on a commercial flight? It seemed like a quantum leap from coach – and with bigger seats, more leg room, better food and hand-prepared cocktails, it really was. (A particularly nice touch? Those wonderfully warm and slightly damp after-dinner hand towels.)

Just as first-class travel represents a quantum leap from coach, flying by Las Vegas jet charter represents a quantum leap from first class. Three key differences can be reduced to one word: customization. By choosing your travel companions, itinerary and comforts, a Las Vegas jet charter allows you to essentially “pilot the destiny” of your flight.

A Las Vegas jet charter allows you to choose your travel companions

This is no small advantage, especially now that commercial air travelers are keenly aware that major airlines routinely overbook flights and some of the “overflow” passengers wind up in first class. Even if you're a “people person,” the ability to choose your travel companions is a luxury. Whether you're traveling for business, pleasure or a combination of the two, flying by a Las Vegas jet charter gives you the final say over who shares your flight. Traveling with people you know and whose company you enjoy should make your flight experience the way it was always meant to be.

A Las Vegas jet charter allows you to choose your flight schedule

No matter how alluring first-class travel can be, you are still tethered to an airline's schedule and subjected to their delays. When you book a Las Vegas jet charter, you decide when you wish to depart. And if you're running late? Your flight will never leave without you. You also have greater preference over where your plane lands. Since private jets can easily fly into smaller regional airports that are off-limits to large commercial airliners, you have a greater ability to choose an airport that is as close to your destination as possible. It saves time that first-class travelers have no choice but to expend.

A Las Vegas jet charter allows you to choose your comforts

Air travelers often say three amenities enhance their enjoyment of air travel: good food, frequent beverages and a strong variety of entertainment options. Try as they may, commercial airlines cannot anticipate everybody's dietary needs and wants. They aim to please the majority. When you fly aboard a private jet, you create the menu – or have your favorite personal chef make a special delivery. While you savor your meal of choice, you can sit back and choose between thousands of movie and music options that stream through cutting-edge screens and speakers. The only similarity you'll find with first-class travel? You can request a slightly damp after-dinner hand towel – and choose the color too – especially if you book your next Las Vegas jet charter with Cirrus Aviation. Call 702-472-9714 to make your flight reservation today.

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