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The Fascinating Airlander 10

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Jan 14, 2016 11:25:00 AM


Your favorite private charter jet may soon be sharing the skies with the gigantic Airlander 10.

It’s being developed in Great Britain by a company called Hybrid Air Vehicles and is a cross between an airplane and an airship, buoyed by helium and propelled by four thrusters.

The public image of airships, also known as dirigibles, is often that of the German-made Hindenburg exploding above Lakehurst, New Jersey in 1937. The Airlander 10 will surely alter that perception. This modern aircraft is better able to handle rough weather, requires smaller ground crews and is filled with helium instead of flammable hydrogen.


More facts about the Airlander 10…

  • It’s 300 feet long, the length of a football field. Although not as big as the dirigibles of the past, the Airliner 10 will be the largest aircraft in the world.
  • The ship requires 1.3 million cubic feet of helium, enough to fill 15 Olympic-size swimming pools.
  • It will be able to stay aloft for two weeks at a time, travel at speeds of around 90 miles an hour and reach altitudes of 20,000 feet.
  • The vessel can carry a payload of 20,000 pounds.


A few reasons why the Airlander 10 makes sense for some purposes today…

  • The hybrid craft operates quietly, which homeowners living near airports can appreciate.
  • The ability to take off and land vertically means the craft requires no lengthy runways. The Airliner 10 can reach isolated areas that trucks, planes or ships cannot.
  • The Airliner 10 burns a fraction of the fuel of a jet, so it is relatively pollution-free and greatly decreases the cost of transporting cargo.

Along with carrying passengers and cargo, the hybrid vehicle is being considered for a range of other purposes, including relief aid missions following natural disasters, military reconnaissance and scientific research.

The Airlander 10 may be approved to fly in most countries in the next few months. However, traveling by private charter jet would still be the best option to get you where you want to go quickly. Contact Cirrus Aviation today at 702-472-9714 to learn more or book your next vacation or business trip.

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Top Photo: Hybrid Air Vehicles

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