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Six Reasons Families Fly by Private Jet Charter

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Oct 19, 2018 9:32:00 AM
Book a Private Jet Charter for Family Vacations

There are many good reasons families with kids enjoy flying by private jet charter. Here are a few of them:

1. Families love the idea that Cirrus Aviation is a pet-friendly provider
 We welcome dogs and puppies, cats, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters and even goldfish (as long as the top of the bowl is covered so no one escapes). Families don’t take pets on every vacation or getaway, but having the option can be comforting to children who don’t want to leave their little friends at home.

2. Families love the freedom of private air travel
You won’t have to worry about cramming the kids’ toys and games into a pint-sized carry-on bag. Nor will you have to worry about restricting everyone to one suitcase. While every Cirrus Aviation jet has its space limitations, you can put away the tape measure and focus on packing what you and the kids need and want to take along for the ride.

3. Families love the privacy afforded by flying by private jet charter
This is especially true when traveling with newborns, infants and toddlers. No need to worry about disturbing fellow passengers when you’re onboard a Cirrus Aviation jet.  

4. Families love the opportunity to create a six-mile-high entertainment experience
Traveling by private jet is a thrill unto itself, but the privacy of doing so means families can make the most of their time by staging birthday parties, theme parties and movie parties in the sky. (If you need ideas, ask Cirrus Aviation for suggestions.)  

5. Families love indulging in catering services
 There is no such thing as “airline food” at Cirrus Aviation. Passengers can enjoy their favorite meal, whether it’s a gourmet dinner for the adults or a pepperoni pizza for the kids - or anything in between.

6. Families love the hassle-free nature of flying by private jet
 Skipping baggage check, TSA, boarding lines and hopping directly onto a flight will make any traveler feel as though the wind is at their back. When booking a private jet charter, you make the most of your time and waste none of it.

Book a Private Jet Charter Today

Book a private jet charter for your next family vacation with Cirrus Aviation by calling 702-472-9714. Our team will help select the perfect aircraft for your trip and arrange hotel bookings, restaurant reservations and much more!

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