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Private Jets Can Save Your Business Money

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Jan 15, 2013 12:00:15 AM

For businesses with frequent travel needs, choosing to fly on a private charter jet could be the best decision the company ever makes. Why? Because private charter jets offer a flexibility and cost value that commercial airlines just don't have.

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Why Private Jets are Perfect for Business Travelers

1. Charting a private jet can be cheaper than buying last-minute airfare

Public or commercial carriers sell plane seats at a discounted price if you buy in advance. If you look at Southwest's itinerary, for example, the prices for each flight become more and more expensive as the date for the flight gets closer and closer. This is where a problem arises.

With business travelers, planning ahead isn't always an option. In fact, most executives don't even know they have to travel until a few days before. Which makes purchasing tickets for a flight on a commercial airline a serious hassle. Prices are inflated for last-minute purchasers.

2. Private jets provide business travelers privacy

Another reason that private charter jets are great for business travel is the extra privacy that comes from flying by yourselves. If you and a few associates need to make a business trip to an important meeting, you can discuss the company's matters on the private jet without having to worry about who hears you. And more often than not, there's room on the plane for you to bring out your laptop and notebook and still be comfortable.

3. Private jets save businesses time

And let's not forget about the time you save booking a flight on a charter plane. The typical boarding process for a commercial flight requires you to be at the airport a minimum of two hours ahead of time to check your luggage and go through security. On a chartered airplane, the boarding process is much simpler: Hand your bags off as you board the plane and take your seat while your luggage is loaded. By eliminating the mess of the airport visit, you'll be in and out of your destination in a much shorter time. Overnight trips will only take a day, meaning you can get back to the office and back to work in no time!

With most private jets, the flight is booked per plane, rather than per seat. So rather than spending money on each ticket and each hotel room for a group of people, just rent a jet with Cirrus Aviation, call (702) 472-9714! You'll be surprised at how efficient and effective they are for business travel. 

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