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Elegant Private Airplane Charters

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Sep 28, 2012 2:24:47 PM

To have the perfect, uninterrupted trip, you should procure a private airplane charter from us. At Cirrus Aviation, we have a commitment to provide every client with discreet airplane rental and ground transportation in order to have the perfect trip. In addition, we offer clients VIP security services and a trip concierge so that everyone flying with us is safe and secure.

Cirrus Aviation caters to everyone from Hollywood celebrities and political figures to business leaders, all who want an elegant way to travel. With over 35 years of experience in catering to a wide range of clients, we can ensure that every private airplane chartered from us will offer only the best, most sophisticated travel possible. The fact is that we understand that our clients want a discreet, comfortable ride from start to finish. As such, we make accommodations to personalize each of our clients to make any trip, whether business-related or for leisure, the best it can be.

We operate our airplane charter services from a base at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. But we also have access to a global network other bases to provide our clients the most flexibility. This means that clients do not have to fly out of our Las Vegas base; we can schedule a private airplane to fly out of numerous bases setup around the world. That is just one additional way we can make sure that clients get exactly what they need.

To further make scheduling and flying with us as easy and convenient as possible, we can provide rush services. In as fast as one hour after a trip confirmation, we at Cirrus Aviation can have a plane in the air, ready to get you where you need to be. An airplane rental from us means we work based on your schedule, which can be modified at any time. You can board while your bags are being loaded and then be in the air within minutes. Drink, eat, and relax while in the air and know that when you land, we’ll be ready for you. To book your elegant private airplane charter call us at (702) 472-9714.

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