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Mission Impossible: The Best Vegan Burger in Las Vegas

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Apr 19, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Andreas IF Sliders - Photo Aubrie  Pick.jpg Photo: Aubrie Pick

The evolution of food has taken a new twist in Las Vegas - and comes in the form of a burger without any meat. Wynn Resorts, a longtime leader in offering vegan and vegetarian dining options, has recently introduced the Impossible Burger to diners on the Strip.

So what is it? The Impossible Burger gets its name by being 100% meatless, yet still being able to have the taste, smell, texture and adaptability of real beef. Unlike other veggie patties that are simply heated up and placed in between a bun, this new alternative can actually be molded, crumbled and transformed through cooking, just like real ground beef. Produced by Impossible Foods, a company based on Northern California, the burger is made from wheat and potato protein with natural binders, coconut fat and a little bit of soy protein. The authentic flavor comes from leghemoglobin (or "hemo") which is found in all living things, but is especially abundant in cow. It's basically the molecule that makes beef taste like beef. A meat-free version of hemo, produced by fermentation, is cooked with vitamins, amino acids and sugars to give the Impossible Burger a rich, hearty flavor and authentic red color in raw form.

The Impossible Burger was recently introduced at Andrea's inside Wynn Encore with three dishes created by the restaurant's culinary team led by Chef Joseph Elevado. A trio of sliders come with a tableside presentation where the patties are sizzled on a hot plate to finish cooking before being placed inside buns with frisee, kimchee, pickles, kalbi sauce and gochujang aioli. There's also a crunchy take on Thai lettuce wraps, where the Impossible Burger is served in ground beef form, mixed with mint, cilantro, chili, onions, ginger and peanuts. A meatball dish may make the best use of the Impossible Burger, formed into a ball and mixed with tofu, chili paste, shiitake mushrooms and green onions.

All three dishes work solo as individual appetizers or together as a satisfying  three-course meal. The Impossible Burger is also being introduced at the Wynn Las Vegas Country Club and it's possible that other Wynn property restaurants may follow suit with recipes of their own. In addition to the great taste and health benefits of being cholesterol-free, the Impossible Burger allows you to eat with a clear conscience. It uses about 75 percent less water, generates about 85 percent fewer greenhouse gases and uses about 95 percent less land than farms that produce conventional ground beef.

The Wynn and Wynn Encore have a long tradition of offering vegan options at all of their major restaurants on site. The Impossible Burger is just the latest example of serving up food that is not only plant-based, but tastes so good, it will appeal to everyone - including meat eaters.

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By Rob Kachelriess