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Superior Jet Management Services

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Sep 28, 2012 2:24:12 PM

At Cirrus Aviation, we take executive jet management very seriously. Across the country, charter jet owners are joining our team. By joining us, your charter service would become part of an elite jet management group. We serve thousands of business owners, CEOs and other corporate executives who have exacting schedules and high expectations. Since we also take care of celebrities, we understand high-value customers who appreciate luxury, our discretion and their privacy.

Of great importance to the charter service owner, our staff can handle a range of critical executive jet management issues. By joining us, you would have access to our collective expertise in regulations, operations, maintenance, employee oversight, and customer service. You could be a part of our cross-country and transoceanic business model.

Our marketing blankets the country. We passionately recruit our clients and work smart to earn their repeat business. Our comprehensive marketing reaches corporate clients and other discerning customers. Once you became part of our team, you would benefit from our customer base. The additional flights would reduce your wait time between customers and increase your earnings.

Whatever your needs are, our business is designed to fill in the gaps. Our goals are the same as yours. We want to reduce the risk that threatens the viability of charter operations. We understand the intrinsic value of your aircraft, and we offer a monthly expense & revenue statement on each jet. There is no need to go it alone when you can reach out to aviation professionals. We know how tricky it is to achieve the needed balance. It is a challenge to run an enterprise that is safe, fully compliant with federal standards, and yet still profitable. That's why you need partners who will help you guard the long-term viability of your operations.

As our jet management associates, you would enjoy access to our many programs. These include maintenance oversight, regulatory compliance, flight crew selection, and insurance sourcing. Our upper management is available 24/7.

Cirrus Aviation is dedicated to providing safe, fast, luxurious travel for our executive clients. Perhaps your jet charter service belongs on our team. Call (702)-472-9714 for inquiries.

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