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Fly a Las Vegas Jet Charter and Avoid the Most Annoying Commercial Airline Passengers

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Mar 13, 2017 9:29:16 AM

So there you are, nursing a beverage in the lounge while patiently listening to fellow travelers rattle off what they like best about flying aboard a Las Vegas jet charter.

Among them, freedom from:

  • Overcrowded flights
  • Long lines
  • Security checks
  • Lost luggage

Since you're in polite company, you're not certain if you should reveal your favorite reason for taking a Las Vegas jet charter: It allows you to avoid the annoying passengers who routinely take commercial flights.

If you were to amuse your fellow travelers with one harrowing story, you might as well share them all. Your thoughts turn to some of the worst offenders you've met in your commercial travels...

  • Kyle the Kicker - the person who must be oblivious to how many times he has jolted you into an upright position by swift-kicking your seat. Or worse, maybe he isn't oblivious after all.
  • Tammy the Talker - Some small talk with the person sitting next to you is expected. But Tammy is intent on filling the entire flight with words, questions and tales of woe.
  • Bill the Boozer - You know you're in for a long flight when Bill places his drink order - in multiple quantities - before the flight even takes off. Will this hour really be happy?
  • Betty the Bathroom Queen - Up and down the aisle she goes, defying anything you've seen her eat and drink since taking her seat. You know we're all at the mercy of our bladder, but Betty is a supreme lightweight.
  • Gus the Gas King - It starts out innocently enough: a faint smell, a weak grin and then the unmistakable sound of gastrointestinal excess being emitted into the air. Gus should follow Betty to the lavatory, but self-delusion causes him to stay put, thinking of himself as one sly guy.
  • Ginger the Germ Spreader - A triple dose of Vitamin C couldn't insulate you from Ginger's constant coughing, sneezing and nose-blowing. And now she wants to shake your hand? Take a pass.
  • Patty the Perfumed - A scent is bad news if you begin to taste it, so you know your clothes and belongings will reek with the same "flavor" you've ingested. And Patty usually cannot help herself. She'll give herself - and you - another blast before deplaning.

Book a Las Vegas jet charter

Compared to this motley crew, booking a Las Vegas jet charter looks absolutely irresistible - especially when you book a flight with Cirrus Aviation Services. Enjoy some privacy for you and your party. Call (702) 472-9714 to set up your next flight today.