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Luxurious Executive Private Jet Rentals

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Sep 26, 2012 10:22:42 AM

At Cirrus Aviation, we strive to give complete, one-call, 24/7 support to our customers. We can arrange your schedule, security service, ground transport, and lodging. Our staff will help you select the type and size of jet you need. We will have an executive private jet ready for take-off at the appointed time. In-flight catering and beverages will be pre-arranged as well.

Each of our executive jets are thoroughly maintained, inspected regularly by the Federal Aviation Administration and completely airworthy. We believe that safety is our number one job and that passengers should never have cause to worry.

Our crew is accustomed to serving celebrities who need protection from curious onlookers. We want to make sure that our clients enjoy their privacy. The luxury of a personal jet is the ability to set the tone for the trip. If you want family time, a business meeting, a party, or peace and quiet, you can have it on our executive private jet.

Large jets have a full galley, 9-to-14 seats, and a walk-in lavatory. The cabin aisle is tall enough for most adults to walk comfortably. The seats are designed for maximum comfort since the plane can go for six to twelve hours without stopping. Some jets have couches that can be turned into beds. For long trips, a flight attendant is available to make your trip more comfortable. These planes are perfect for cross-country or trans-oceanic flights.

Midsize aircraft offer plenty of room for 6-to-8 people. They offer a mini-galley, an adult-sized aisle, and a private lavatory. These jets provide a comfortable way to fly for four or five hours nonstop.

Light aircraft are a third option and the least costly. These executive private jet rentals offer up to eight seats. They offer more comfort than first class on many commercial jets, and are considered to be among the elite in our industry. Our private jets also offer the twin conveniences of privacy and hassle-free transportation.

If you own your own charter service, Cirrus Aviation invites you to become part of our team. We help with training, maintenance, staffing and scheduling. You will receive more business and reduce your overhead at the same time. Call (702)-472-9714 for luxurious executive private jet rentals.

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