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Executive Jet Management Options

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Nov 2, 2013 8:06:00 AM

Executive jet management is a complex endeavor with numerous operational and legal factors to consider as well as many potentially expensive pitfalls for the non-specialist. As an example, poor maintenance or maintenance record keeping is not only a possible safety concern, but also can potentially make your aircraft illegal to fly and vastly devalue your aircraft resale value. For this reason, most people opt to have their aircraft managed by an experienced team of aviation professionals with a proven track record in the executive aircraft management field.

Besides the peace of mind that comes with knowing your expensive asset is being properly looked after and maintained, professional executive jet management by Cirrus Aviation Services affords numerous opportunities for saving on fixed costs such as hangar rent, fuel, insurance, and maintenance by pooling with other owners in the Cirrus Aviation fleet. As the largest FAA certified air-carrier in Las Vegas, Cirrus Aviation Services is also able to offer our owners the opportunity to generate significant amounts of charter revenue by marketing their aircraft to the public when not needed for personal use. Additionally, our owners often execute interchange agreements allowing them to fly on each others aircraft for considerably less than regular charter rates, allowing enhanced mission flexibility and optimal charter revenue generation.

Our Executive Jet Management Program Includes Sourcing and Fleet Discounts

Cirrus Aviation Services executive jet management program includes sourcing and fleet discounts on: insurance, fuel, pilot training, maintenance, and aircraft parts. In addition we offer FAA regulatory compliance and liaison services, 24/7 charter marketing and flight operations support, in house maintenance and airworthiness compliance, and international flight planning and customs handling capabilities. Our aircraft management team consists of highly qualified and experience professionals with decade of experience in both operations and aircraft management oversight.

Whether you own one aircraft or several, for charter or private use, our owners are our most important clients. Cirrus Aviation Services owners have access to upper management with a single phone call 24/7 and receive monthly revenue and expense reports for each of their aircraft. We at Cirrus Aviation are dedicated to delivering the best executive jet ownership experience in the industry, bar none. Call us at (702) 472-9714 now and let us show you what we can do for you.

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