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Cirrus Aviation Prepares to Debut Super Light 45XR

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Mar 17, 2017 4:04:00 PM

There is no reason to be shy about it. Even seasoned pilots can't help but pause and admire the sleek and graceful form of a Cirrus Aviation jet.

Whether as a business or leisure traveler, you're accustomed to flying in style and comfort with one of the safest operators of charter aircraft in the world – and one that continues to chalk up national safety awards and distinctions.

Now, with the dawning of a new year, that rush of excitement and pride will extend to the newest member of the Cirrus Aviation fleet: the Lear 45XR – so elegant and refined, some call it the "Swiss Army knife of jets."

Cirrus Aviation lands an ideal vacation-business jet

At first glance, the roomy Lear 45XR appears ideal for trips to high altitude mountainous locations like Aspen or Lake Tahoe. With a cabin length of nearly 20 feet and ample storage capacity, the jet can easily stow two sets of skis.

The smitten pilots at Flying magazine praised this quality in their review of the Lear 45XR. "One area in which the aircraft really shines is the ability to lift loads from a high altitude airport and transport them a long way," they said. "For example, on a 72-degree day in 7,820 foot elevation Aspen, Colorado, the 45XR can fly eight passengers anywhere in the continental United States. It could fly those same eight passengers to the West Coast at temperatures up to 90 degrees."

The jet is equally suited to business travelers who tote laptops and briefcases and may be traveling as part of a team. The luxurious Lear 45XR features roomy seats and desks and is fully wired for WiFi.

"We know our customers count on us for myriad travel purposes, and this is why it's a particular thrill to unveil the Lear 45XR for their enjoyment," says Cirrus Aviation CEO Greg Woods.

Speed matters... and the new Lear delivers

Whatever the destination and whatever the purpose, the Lear 45XR ushers travelers to where they want to go – and virtually at the speed of sound. Take it from the people who know quite a bit about soaring at fantastical rates of speed. According to NASA, Mach 1 means you’re traveling at the speed of sound or 661.7 knots.

By comparison, the Lear 45XR scores some impressive numbers, traveling at Mach .81 (465 knots) at high-speed cruise and Mach .75 (432 knots) at long-range cruise.

Looks may not be everything, but the Lear 45XR is indeed a looker

The experienced flyers at Pilots magazine can relate to how exhilarated travelers feel by the sight of a sleek jet while its engines rev on the runway. They feel it too. The Lear 45XR, with a 47 foot wingspan, is so beautiful it "looks like it was carved from a single bar of Ivory soap," they said. "In fact, the upper and lower skins are machined from a solid piece of aluminum. It has no fences or leading edge slats, yet it does have vortilons along the leading edge to prevent spanwise flow and interesting little metal triangles along the leading edge to prevent flow separation at high angles of attack. Gracefully swept winglets add to the wing's slow speed abilities and boost its efficiency at high altitude by about 20 percent. This is not your father's Learjet wing."

The spectacular Lear 45XR will be flown by Cirrus Aviation's pilots, who Woods notes are among the most skilled and experienced in the industry. The company was recently awarded the title of "Gold-Rated Charter Operator" by Argus, an independent rating agency. The ratings are the industry's most respected, recognized and sought-after symbol of safety and excellence among commercial aircraft operators around the world.

It is another reason for leisure and business travelers to keep their eyes to the skies – and on Cirrus Aviation – in anticipation of the debut of the Lear 45XR. Call (702) 472-9714 to book your flight today.