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Private and Professional Charter Flights

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Sep 28, 2012 2:23:30 PM

At Cirrus Aviation, our charter flights provide a travel timetable that fits your needs and a personal service that fits your lifestyle. We are available 24/7. It only takes one phone call to initiate timely travel. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you, providing services above and beyond normal commercial or charter services. When you initiate a private charter flight request, you are reaching our network that includes thousands of fine jets across the country.

Our concierge services will make the plans you need for a smooth arrival at your final destination. Unlike commercial airlines, our service can handle your ground transportation arrangements and any security needs. Unlike commercial airlines, charter flights can utilize many more airports at many more locations. We offer non-stop flights, even across the ocean. This combination of non-stop flights plus multiple location choices is unbeatable. Let us arrange your private charter flight today.

We offer a choice of sizes and pricing to suit different styles. For economy, combined with luxury and flexibility, nothing beats our 6-to-8 seater jets. They handle three hour flights. For the same size group, many appreciate the luxury of a midsize jet. These offer an adult-sized aisle, a personal lavatory and extra roomy seating. Midsize jets are perfect for flights across the country. Our large jets can seat 9 to 14 people. They have a longer aisle, a personal lavatory, and flexible seating with a couch-to-bed option. Large jets also come with a flight attendant for in-air service and hospitality. These jets can be used to travel six to twelve hours, and they often make trans-oceanic flights for our customers.

Many of our clients are executives and celebrities who expect complete discretion. We guard your privacy as part of the luxurious travel that we offer. If we can help you avoid unwanted intrusions, enjoy relaxing travel and reach your destination on your timetable, then we feel that we have done our job.

Safety is essential to our operations. We use only licensed pilots, certified mechanics and well-maintained aircraft as we strive to maintain the highest standards in charter travel today. Call (702)-472-9714 to book your private charter flight.

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