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Charter a Las Vegas Private Jet to the NBA Finals

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on May 26, 2017 8:00:00 AM

bigstock--180738541.jpgThere is a lot to be said for “Save the Date” events – the kind in which you're only told the date with other details forthcoming later.

Some sporting events ought to be designated “stay tuned events” – the kind you know are forthcoming but for which the date has yet to be determined.

The NBA Finals is precisely this kind of event with June 18 the latest possible date the championship game will take place. As the games unfold and you wait for the “TBA” to be set, you can count on one guarantee: a Las Vegas private jet from Cirrus Aviation will be ready to whisk you to the final game in high style and grand comfort.

In fact, you may call Cirrus Aviation’s ability to accommodate last-minute flights a hook shot. It's one of the toughest plays to make in basketball, but it's one the top private jet charter service in Las Vegas makes every day with “stay tuned events” like the NBA Finals.

The finals reduce a field of 30 to 16

Even if you're a basketball fan, you’ll probably need a scorecard to keep track of the finals. There is a lot of activity as 30 teams in the National Basketball Association finish playing their 82 regular-season games.

Only the best-performing teams – and there are always surprises – inch their way to the finals. 16 teams compete in four best-of-seven series showdowns before the field is reduced to two teams – the final.

Will it be a rematch of last year’s finals with the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers? Or will a new team sneak their way into the final round to take the championship title?

Fans often track a conference

Figuring out which team will represent the Eastern and Western Conference is the stuff sports wagers are made of.

In the Eastern Conference, many fans are counting on the Cleveland Cavaliers to pull a repeat after winning the NBA playoffs last year with the mighty LeBron James. But many observers believe the Boston Celtics, with the heart of Isaiah Thomas leading the way, should not be counted out – at least not yet.

There is more decisiveness in the Western Conference, where the Golden State Warriors are largely assumed to reign supreme. Still, many sports columnists note the San Antonio Spurs have improved their game. A conference match-up between these two teams has basketball fans salivating. However, with injuries to Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker, will the Spurs have what it takes to pull off the upset against Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and the Warriors?

Once the conference winners are known, sports fans will know where the final series will be held - and a Las Vegas jet charter will be waiting to take you there.

Check out Cirrus Aviation's Las Vegas private jet fleet

If you prefer to plan ahead, there is one important detail about your trip to the NBA Finals that you can nail down – and nail down right now: the type of Las Vegas private jet you wish to take. Choose among the most popular jets in the Cirrus Aviation fleet.

Phenom 100, which seats four people

Beechjet 400, which seats seven people

Cessna Citation, which seats eight people

Learjet 60, which seats seven people

Learjet 45XR, which seats eight people

Challenger 604, which seats ten people

Cirrus Aviation is tailor-made for a “stay tuned event” like the NBA Finals – the ultimate “sky hook shot” that brings certainty to an event that is still so much up in the air. Reserve your flight by calling Cirrus Aviation at 702-472-9714.

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