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Book a Private Jet, California to Vegas

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Mar 2, 2015 12:17:00 PM

For a no-hassle trip between Southern California and Las Vegas, book a private jet through Cirrus Aviation.

Never considered chartering a jet for that short flight? Businesses and individuals have made the Southern California to Las Vegas route one of Cirrus Aviation’s most popular because they see the value of booking a private jet for even quick trips.

Driving the 250 to 300 miles between Los Angeles and Las Vegas takes several hours and can be highly stressful, even dangerous. Highways are becoming more congested and traffic delays can make the trip even longer.

Flying commercially still takes time and offers limited scheduling options.

Some of the benefits of booking a private jet through Cirrus Aviation:

  • Efficient use of time. With a Cirrus Aviation charter, you pick the time you depart. Passengers arrive and board at a private terminal just a few minutes before takeoff. We also fly directly to the airport closest to your destination.
  • Comfort in the air. Even commercial first-class seating doesn’t compare to the comfort and customization of a Cessna Citation III or Learjet. The spacious cabin allows for plenty of elbow room to spread out and work, or just unwind until landing.
  • Relaxed, productive employees. Crowded airport terminals and long TSA lines are tiring for busy employees. Private flights leave staff refreshed and prepared to do their jobs.

And prices to book a private jet with Cirrus Aviation may be lower than you think. Call Cirrus Aviation today at (702)-472-9714 to learn more about our flights between Southern California and Las Vegas.

How to Book a Private Jet Through Cirrus Aviation

It’s easy to book a private jet through Cirrus Aviation. Simply pick up the phone and call us.

Our customer representatives understand that the success of a private charter company depends on exceeding the expectations of its passengers. Outstanding service means repeat business, and many appreciative Cirrus customers have been loyal to us for years.

We’re able to accommodate tight schedules. Depending on jet availability, your group can be in the air within several hours of initially contacting us.

If you require security services, limo or shuttle transportation at your destination, hotel reservations, even customs arrangements, Cirrus Aviation can handle it. Just let us know what you need.

Call Cirrus Aviation today at (702)-472-9714 to book a private jet from Southern California to Las Vegas.

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