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Board a Las Vegas Private Jet for St. Patrick’s Day

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Mar 8, 2017 12:42:56 PM

What Americans don’t know about St. Patrick just might fill a book. The holy day marking his death was a strictly religious holiday in Ireland until 1970, when a drinking ban was overturned and the taps in pubs throughout the land flowed freely once again.

Americans might even raise a toast to these insights because they embrace St. Patrick’s Day with more fervor than most other holidays.

Now add this lime slice to the glass: St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday this year, opening the door to the possibility of a three or four day celebration by way of a Las Vegas private jet.

Niche creates its own destination niche

So where will you go? The helpful people at Niche, have created a top 10 list of the best cities in America to celebrate – places where you can raise a glass to the holiday most closely associated with enjoying your favorite alcoholic beverage.

If a Las Vegas private jet has ever whisked you to one of these cities, you might take issue with a few of the rankings. (Chicago, for example, barely made the list at No. 10. Seriously? The city that plunks about 40 tons of green dye into the Chicago River to turn it a pristine shade of emerald green – then follows that annual tradition with a parade and a slew of after-parties?)

If anything is going to frost your beer mug, it won’t be Niche’s methodology. Its criteria is based on...

  • Access to bars based on the total number per 1,000 residents and the number of bars per square mile: 35 percent
  • St. Patrick’s Day “Facebook hype” based on the percentage of people who express interest in “St. Patrick’s Day” on Facebook compared with the total percentage of people on Facebook: 35 percent
  • Percentage of Irish residents: 20 percent
  • The year the first St. Patrick’s Day parade was held: 10 percent

Raise a toast to the winners

Two important caveats: Niche considered only those cities with at least 100,000 residents and whose parades date back at least 25 years. Especially if you’re Irish, you probably want to know how many fellow Irishmen (and Irishwomen), as well as how many bars you can expect to find in the top 10 cities once you arrive on your Las Vegas private jet. The winners are...

    1. Pittsburgh - Percentage of Irish residents: 13.5 percent / Bars grade: A+
    2. Boston - Percentage of Irish residents: 13.6 percent / Bars grade: A+
    3. Davenport - Percentage of Irish residents: 13.1 percent / Bars grade: A
    4. Buffalo - Percentage of Irish residents: 10.9 percent / Bars grade: A+
    5. Philadelphia - Percentage of Irish residents: 11.3 percent / Bars grade: A+
    6. Savannah - Percentage of Irish residents: 7.4 percent / Bars grade: B+
    7. Kansas City - Percentage of Irish residents: 10.2 percent / Bars grade: A-
    8. Cleveland - Percentage of Irish residents: 8 percent - Bars grade: A+
    9. St. Louis - Percentage of Irish residents: 9.1 percent / Bars grade: A
    10. Chicago - Percentage of Irish residents: 6.9 percent / Bars grade: A+

Book your Las Vegas private jet with Cirrus Aviation

Just as you might follow the custom of pinching people who fail to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, you might have to pinch yourself to ensure you’re not dreaming as you board a Las Vegas private jet to any one of these locations. When you take to the sky with Cirrus Aviation, you’ll feel as though Irish eyes – no matter in which top 10 city – are smiling on you. Book your flight today by calling (702) 472-9714.