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Luxury Jet Aircraft Charters

Posted by Cirrus Aviation on Sep 28, 2012 2:20:20 PM

If you are looking for a reasonably-priced, luxurious way to travel, the answer is a private aircraft charter. A jet aircraft charter does not always mean an extraordinary expense. Smart business executives have learned that a charter jet gives them the opportunity to work better, travel smarter, and entertain important clients. At Cirrus Aviation, we see many business executives as well as business owners, corporate CEOs and celebrities. We also help jet owners manage their aircraft.

Work Better. Our jets seat either 9-to-12 or 6-to-8 passengers, and you have the aircraft all to yourself. With that kind of freedom, you will find that your co-workers or employees can focus on your business interests. Time spent in discussion, collaboration or private effort will make your group better prepared for the sales pitch, presentation or event. You won’t have to worry about privacy issues, and you won’t wonder if your team is prepared for the main event.

Travel Smarter. A private aircraft charter allows your group to start later and arrive sooner. Our staff speedily invites you onto the plane. A jet aircraft charter can utilize smaller airports to get you closer to your final destination than you thought possible. Speed also means that you may save money on hotel rooms and other expense account items. It certainly means you will save time and hassle.

Entertain. If the purpose is to entertain your clients, there is no better way than to give them a hassle-free trip that offers luxury, privacy and an opportunity to transact business in a friendly atmosphere. Extras seats can be used for friends, family or staff.

Luxury. If you expect luxury, you will love our charter aircraft. The adjustable seats are spacious and made of top quality materials. The cabins in the midsize and large jets have aisles and high ceilings to allow you to move freely. We can arrange catered food and your selection of beverages. Large jets can offer a private flight across the ocean. Midsize can take you across the U.S. Light jets offer 1 to 3 hour flights at an economical price. Call (702)-472-9714 to book your private jet charter today!

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